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Natural Resources & Agriculture

Tanner Law & Strategy Group, LTD helps individuals and businesses involved in exploring, discovering, acquiring, developing, producing and marketing Nevada's natural resources, including both renewable and nonrenewable resources.

We handle issues relating to all phases of mineral exploration, development and production, as well as those of energy related projects.  We are highly proficient in the complex business issues associated with natural resources law, and we represent clients in a variety of related matters, including:

  • Purchase and sale transactions
  • Land exchanges
  • Operating issues
  • Assignments and deeds
  • Litigation and disputes
  • Federal and state regulatory matters, including project permitting, water quality, and reclamation
  • Zoning, open space, and land conservation
  • Legislative outreach

In addition to mineral and energy resources, we serve both small and large agricultural producers with high quality legal services to maximize their business, and secure their ground for future generations.  We can assist you with:

  • Water rights
  • Grazing leases
  • Agricultural lending, ranch and farmland sales, and purchases
  • Title, boundary, and right-of-way disputes
  • Negotiation with state and federal agencies
  • Wildlife issues including ESA compliance

Helping clients comply with regulations

We help companies and individuals understand their rights and proactively avoid litigation by adhering to regulations. We advise mining companies, energy companies, and agricultural producers on contractual matters, and help them understand and comply with Nevada and federal laws. We have worked with the public, regulatory commissions, and natural resources agencies to secure all required permits and licenses. When you hire the Tanner Law & Strategy Group, you get a professional who understands and actively defends against common natural resources issues, reducing the strain on your business.

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